Hogback Mtn BBQ Catering
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                               Welcome to Hogback Mtn BBQ           
Hogback Mtn BBQ                                We are a ABC Licensed Caterer                                  ServeSafe Certified         
P.O Box 205                                                                      
Fairfield, Virginia 24435              


   Serving great barbecue in Lexington, Virginia and the surrounding area.
Years ago after competing on the largest barbecue competitions circuit (
) in the world and winning many awards along the way, we decided it was time to start catering our award winning barbecue. Our barbecue is the perfect meal for weddings, reunion, party or other special event. We have spent years learning barbecue techniques like the art of combining the best spice rubs, injections, temperatures, smoke, meat and sauces that when combined properly make up great barbecue.  It is our goal to use our barbecue knowledge and skills to cater your next event and make it something your guests will remember! Give us a call and see what our barbecue catering team can do for your next event so you can spend time with your guests and enjoy it with them. Whether you would like barbecue at W&L University, Douthat State Park, Smith Mt. Lake or anywhere in between - Call Today (540) 348-3123 for information about what our barbecue catering service has to offer you! We're not just simple back yard barbecue, we can help you build a wedding package with china, glassware, servers, abc service and more for your wedding reception or corporate event.

Want the ultimate in barbecue?
Known by names such as pig pickin, pig roast and whole hog barbecue. Call it what you like but a whole hog barbecue is the ultimate when it comes to barbecue. When you combine the flavors of pork bacon, ribs, and shoulder with the lean cuts of pork loin and hams it creates the ultimate in barbecue. More Info 

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                                                                                Hogback Mtn BBQ Inc.
                                                         Catering in the Lexington, Va and surrounding area.